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Areas Of Life To Set Goals

Life areas for goal setting
01 physical health and fitness

The 1st Area: Internal Physical – In or On Your Body, Keeping Our Physical Bodies In Balance.

This area involves the body itself and is defined as everything that happens in our bodies. Everything on or inside …

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02 emotional health and mental health

The 2nd Area: Internal Emotional – Your Feelings, How To Process Emotions.

This area involves your emotions and is defined as everything that happens that affects your internal emotions. Your internal emotional …

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03 personal development and self-improvement

The 3rd Area: Internal Intellectual – Expanding Your Knowledge, Education, and Thinking Skills

The third area is internal intellectual. It Includes: Your Knowledge Your knowledge is one of the most powerful ways to …

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04 internal moral code

The 4th Area: Internal Spiritual – Your Ethos, Your Conscience, Your Moral Code and Personal Ethics.

So if ethics and values are key to you, this is the section for you. You need to be clear …

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05 bio-energy or chi

The 5th Area: Internal Energy – Your Vitality.

Your bio-energy, called chi or life force by many Eastern philosophies, is the internal energy that powers you and all …

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06 physical environment, property, and wealth

The 6th Area: External Physical – Your Money and Your Property.

External physical assets – your money and your property – are the things that you own. They’re not just the …

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07 your relationships

The 7th Area: External Emotional – Your Relationships.

This one is about relationships. It’s about how we interact with others and how those interactions can either drive us …

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08 avocation and vocation

The 8th Area: External Intellectual – Your Work, Your Products.

It’s a bit hard to describe, but I’d say it’s something like this: In your day-to-day work, you’re contributing to …

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09 community and society you keep

The 9th Area: External Spiritual – Your Group, Your Tribe, Your Community.

You will need to surround yourself with others who support you. You will become more successful if you have a …

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10 being in the zone, finding your flow-external energy

The 10th Area: External Energy – Your Flow.

We all want to be tapped in, tuned in, and turned on. We’re in a state of perfect harmony and …

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Steps To Success

8 steps to success
Step 1 awareness

Step 1 – Becoming Aware: It All Starts With The Awareness That Change Is Needed

You can’t become aware if you are unconscious. This is why the first step in becoming successful is becoming aware. …

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Step 2 inspiration

Step 2 – Being Inspired By The Success Of Others 

Once you become aware of the need to make a change, you also need inspiration. Being inspired by the success …

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Step 3 motivation

Step 3 – Stay Motivated Stay Positive: Tap Into Your Why.

If you’re going to achieve anything in life, you’re going to have to stay motivated stay positive. Without motivation, nothing …

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Step 4 planning

Step 4 – Planning: How to Plan a Major Change and Make It Work

The best way to plan a major change is by putting it on paper. You have to plan a major …

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Step 5-the power of taking consistent action

Step 5 – Taking Action: The Power of Consistent Action

You’re probably thinking, “Well, I’m just not that good at taking action.” But you’d be surprised what will happen when …

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Step 6 analyze and reflect

Step 6 – Analyze and Reflect On Your Results

Analyze and Reflect on your results: How to Use Data to Your Advantage, Achieve Better Results, & Make Decisions Faster …

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Step 7 adjust and try again

Step 7 – How To Learn From Mistakes and Succeed.

How To Learn From Mistakes and Succeed. You are going to need to try again if the action doesn’t work …

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Step 8 achieve your dream

Step 8 – Achieve Your Dreams

The Power of Intuition, Consciousness, and Positive Emotions and The Secret to Creating the Life of Your Dreams The world …

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Example of no enthusiasm

No Enthusiasm: How to Overcome a Lack of Motivation in Your Life.

The problem with motivation is that it can be fleeting, especially when we’re faced with a challenge that seems unsolvable. …

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Winning, motivation, succeed

Be A Self-Inspired, Action Taker, Achieving Results.

Taking action based on inspiration is essential to manifesting your desires. It’s a fact without any doubt. Setting and achieving …

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