The 5th Area: Internal Energy – Your Vitality.

Your bio-energy, called chi or life force by many Eastern philosophies, is the internal energy that powers you and all life. It’s the source of your power, vitality, and longevity. It’s the energy that flows through your heart.

The fifth area is internal energy. It Includes:

Your Chi

Chi is the Chinese term for “energy” and is also used in the martial art of tai chi. It refers to the life force that flows through us all. It’s similar to our emotions and can be expressed through words like power, force, and energy. When a person has strong energy, it’s expressed in a way that communicates a positive outlook, a strong work ethic, and a powerful presence. People will respond to a strong sense of self and purpose.

Your Chi is your life force. It’s the energy and vitality that flows through your body and creates all the movement that takes place within you.  A strong flow of Chi helps you become more aware of your needs, desires, intentions, thoughts, and feelings. It also helps you access your subconscious mind, the part of you that makes decisions and influences your actions. A strong flow of Chi is the ultimate foundation for any success in life.

 Your Life Force

I’ve always thought that your life force is the energy you put into everything you do and the energy you get out of those things. It’s the energy you give to the world, and it’s the energy you take from the world.

 Your life force is everything you do or are involved in. It’s what you feel and think, what you dream, and what you do. When you feel your life force, you’ll understand the meaning of life. Your life force is what makes you who you are.

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 Your Bio-Energy

When I first saw the term bio-energy, I thought I must be in some science fiction movie. Turns out, it’s a pretty common buzzword in personal development circles. The concept behind bio-energy is that our beliefs influence our behavior. So if you want to change how you act and feel, you need to change the way you think. To start thinking differently, you must first change your mind.

If we don’t understand our bio-energy, then we can’t fully utilize it to our advantage. Our bio-energy is the energy that is naturally within us, an invisible force we all possess. We are all born with a certain level of bio-energy that we cannot see. What we can see are signs of its influence — some people are outgoing and gregarious, while others are quiet and shy. The main difference between these two types of people is their bio-energy. A study on bio-energetic differences in people who work under stress found that the higher bio-energetic people are, the less likely they are to develop a variety of physical ailments. Their body has a natural ability to heal itself.

In reality, when we talk about Chi, Vitality, Life Force, or Bio-Energy, we are talking about very similar concepts. It is just the words that are different, depending on your perspective of life.